Day 15 – Parthings and Farthings

It was freezing cold today, but sculptor Claire Morris passed by to check out the block. Her wood and stone carving sessions with Horsham Adult & Community Learning have run for many years and such tuition locally is a perfect next step for those who come and participate at Highwood Village. An introductory ‘taster session’ on Saturday May 18th 10-4 is a great opportunity to learn to carve a small relief panel in a softer stone than Portland. Enquiries via

A few visitors in the middle of the day commented on the richness of being able to see the artistic process in action over a period. That makes it all worthwhile. Some younger carvers arrived later in the afternoon for more instruction. Another thing which makes this worthwhile, being able to introduce such skills to those for which it could conceivably influence lives.

We also also had some of our elders arrive on this Mothers’ Day. Our oldest carver so far (94) had brought his older brother with him…

It was enriching to overhear members of two disparate groups remember each other from years ago when they were youngsters in the area. While in conversation with one of the former farming families here, we realised the similarities in the two neighbouring holdings, either side of the river. Parthings (Highwood Village) and Farthings (Highwood). I wonder what the etymological origins of both are? Please do leave a comment if you know.

The mill wheel forms are gradually strengthening. Another thought was that the small channel for our fulling mill can only have come from above – High Wood’s catchment.

A very hard day as working the stone at shoulder height puts extra stress on the body. We are one quarter of the way through and the work now gets deeper – and harder. Back Tuesday 2nd, then Sunday 7th…


One thought on “Day 15 – Parthings and Farthings

  1. I love reading your blog and I hope that you’ll publish it like the one on the Slindon Stone.
    I also hope that more organisations or developers will commission sculpture of that kind – keep it up! Edith


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