Day 17 – reductive processes

davThe most recent session was disturbed by recurring noise near an ancient, neighbouring oak tree. I went to investigate and realised it was a dedicated bird involved in his own reductive process, parallel to mine. As a result, today’s carving has now fixed the presence of the tree form in our block.

First changeover of a scutch comb chisel end today – not bad going after 16 sessions – 8 days per end. The red chisel now feels distinctly more powerful again; its efficiency returned.

Several groups of carvers today; the returners moving on to considering what happens in the block when some vision or other is identified. Is it relevant? Does it just sit there? How does one extend the form into the rest of the sculpture? Or indeed, how does one forget one is looking at an alpaca head half way up the stone-face in order to get back on message?

The things we imprint on the stone are from our own worlds and experiences, which is why the sculptor has to be careful not to close off ambiguity in which other people may discover their own stories – but at the same time having an underlying range of forms which are obvious enough to give a route in for a High Wood narrative to emerge as peoples’ looking turns, in time, to seeing.

Next carving: Weds 10, Sun 14, Weds 17, Sat 20 April

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