Day 19 – cold

davA Sunday, yet nobody was out until clearing-up time. The wind was cutting and the few walkers out stopped at the interpretation panel and turned away.

Working on the stepladder, I’ve been trying to see whether the few visual suggestions of a large figure in the block will work in practice. The bird in the branch happens to be close to where the figure would look toward, and there is a potentially interesting dialogue between a green guardian, perhaps a metaphor for the High Wood itself, providing the water to the mill and a protective hand for the living things around us.

The stone tends to force things forward for consideration, but you and I are there to steer, so let me know what you think of the forms so far, when you are next passing.

Nearly half a tonne of material has now been removed from the block and we approach being a third of the way through the block.

Back Wednesday, then Saturday for the Easter Egg Hunt!


2 thoughts on “Day 19 – cold

  1. From woods up high & waters low like something points the way to go.
    Up stream there sits a sacred place 2 rivers mix & spin like space.
    These ancient spots so close to home may pass good luck on to our stone.


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