Day 20 – contrasts

The bright sunshine gave lots of light and shade on the relief forms today. It was noticeable when the cloud came over how the block became visually less strong.

DSC05927 (2)

Alderflies were emerging and settling on the warm stone today. They emerge from their larval stage in the river mud in early summer, and only live a few days while they search for a mate. Our stone will last a lot longer, but it’s a salutary lesson for living in the present and making the most life while we can.

I made a quick trip over into the Village Square to see the future site of the stone, close to some of the other mature oaks across the site. Then to the bronze horses in Highwood, to observe the plinth. We need something visually simple and of about the same height as the wooden beams the worked block is sitting on; it also needs to allow the block to be seen in the round from all four approaches with no defined front or back to the sculpture.

Another range of contrasts; representational versus abstract figurative; additive sculpture (worked in clay before the bronze copy was made) versus reductive, like me and the woodpecker.


Thanks to ScooterScout for his images today, who dropped by on route for an ascent of Highwood Hill.

SONY DSC2019-04-17-21h00m48s152

Next carving Sat 20, Weds 24, Sun 28th.

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