Day 23 – marathon

More herons flying above the course of the river today. While the London runners contemplated their personal 26.2 miles, the stone has now endured 140 hours of steady reduction.

Two photographers were passing by, giving some welcome respite to the rigours of getting deeper into the block. Scooter Scout (his image above) was interested in the quality of shadows and it was noticeable how these changed with the sun coming and going.  As birds seem to be creeping into the block, we talked about the form of herons today and how they weren’t desperately suited to sculpture because of their fine-ness, whereas the less gangly Barn Owl translates far better into a simplified form.

Contrast this image by Anne Purkiss with the similar record from Day 11 on the blog.

Next carving Tues 30th, Sunday 5th May, Weds 8th and Sunday 12th

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