Day 24, 25 – community

Day 24 was quiet and I beavered away at the bottom of the block. Removal vans were around in the afternoon as the first Highwood Village resident moved in – the community  on the south side of the river is starting to emerge.

On Day 25, people viewing houses then came down to carve and I pointed out the lines in the stone that had directly come from the roof detail; now morphing into what could be a fulling mill. Seeing the picture below, movement over the waterwheel appears to be starting to ‘work’ visually.

May is with us and the scent of the may blossom, hawthorn, sits heavy in the air amidst the alderflies.

Just as I was leaving, three generations from the former Farthings Farm lands (to the north of the river) came down to see progress. It was wonderful to hear of the river Arun in the 50s; a waterfall under the High Wood (now just the other side of the A24) existed, with the water level on our fields kept higher to supply a leat channel to Broadbridge Mill. About this time, the weir structure was lost and the levels retreated to those we see today. In that post-war period, the disused mill would have had no need for the leat’s water supply – that might have demanded the structure be rebuilt.

Cows were an important part of the pastoral landscape back then. That is something for me to watch out for as we start to penetrate deeper into the stone.

Next carving: Weds 8th, Sunday 12th, Weds 15th

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