Day 26, 27 – contrasts

Day 26 was cold and wet and I stayed in the lee of the stone for shelter, concentrating on the plane of horizontal water to underly the entire sculpture. To me this is the Arun, where all waters drain to. A low day in more ways than one.

Day 27 was sunny and the warmth back in the air brought visitors! Our first carver of the day mastered mallet and chisel as an apprentice engineer in Harland and Wolff shipyard, carving into cast iron; skills learnt before moving on to play football for Leicester City.  And now a sculptor!

Some of the ‘core’, returning carvers discussed our emergent green tree guardian and raised the ‘dryad‘ form which they eagerly went off to research further after suggesting there was a link to the oak – the heritage tree at and around High Wood. Some nice sketches of the stone too from a notebook brought for the task.Another returning duo not only continued with the chisel skills but learnt to sharpen chisels on the diamond pad – and helped to clear up the Portland chips before leaving.

And a visit from two who were in our group on day 1, so all in all an uplifting day.

Lots of birds around – Heron, a hawk or two (spotted by Scooter Scout passing by) and Mallard overhead as well as the gulls; Pied Wagtail and pigeon. Lots more of our emergent alderflies, which co-incidentally have hatched from naiads or aquatic nymphs – another of the Greek guardian spirits.

Lots to think about from today. Back Weds 15th, Saturday 18th

One thought on “Day 26, 27 – contrasts

  1. Hi Jon – as we thought, dryads and hamadryads are particularly associated with oaks and waterways. The dryads are supposedly female spirits of the oak trees while the hamadryads are the oak trees themselves. Shelley does mention dryads in a poem called The Woodman and the Nightingale.


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