Day 33 – light

It is getting hotter and brighter – we are now in June – and the 6 hour sessions are getting harder to finish. This is concentrated, sustaining carving food – coconut milk, fresh chilli and ginger, nuts and seeds, mashed with chia, banana and cinnamon. A bit like weird bird cake.

The longer tools were coming into play today as I sought to pierce the block on one of the corners. Sadly, no one there when it happened, but it feels a special time when it occurs, getting light from a new source. The neighbouring corner may follow suit in a week or so.Next carving Thurs 6th, Saturday 8th.

2 thoughts on “Day 33 – light

  1. Well done you. It certainly is a special moment when you pierce through stone & bring the two sides together. You’ve created amazing things with that enormous block & no use of power tools! Hope to get there soon to join in.


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