Day 34, 35 – squalls

The wind has been up and my snood back on. Squalls on both days, but Saturday brought forth our plucky returning carvers who are obviously hearing the stone calling to them after a few days break. A first too  – a musician carving with arm in a sling.  Perhaps ceremonial, but necessarily marking the day sooner rather than later. (the picture below displays our leaping hare branch very well)

The grazing cow’s head is starting to give the impression that it’s body could continue through the middle of the sculpture. Branches are extending above the mill wheel, and the mill shack has what could be a plume of smoke from its chimney.

We also have an owl-like form perching on the back of the large figure, the latter of which O described as ’embracing’ all the forms, or humanity. I thought this very apt – the larger figure is almost a metaphor for the High Wood itself.

Next carving Wednesday 12th, Saturday 15th.


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