Day 36, 37 – lows and highs

The stone relies on 
lows and highs
for light and shade –
from which the art is made

The sculptor experiences them too, with Day 36 resulting in the coldest and wettest I have been since we started the block. As the hands get colder, the ability to sense the impact on the muscles decreases, and I did ‘damage’ despite finishing early and driving home with fan and heater full on. In mid June.

Day 37 started well with a constant flow of returning carvers, each a little more confident in their practice. Some had carved the stone at Slindon and wanted to introduce new family ‘into’ the Horsham stone. A carving snail was found. A book on Shelley brought along had a poignant note. How much he achieved in his short life.Our two-dimensional artists are recording the block. Each new interpretation, a different way of seeing, can assist my own.To end the day, a family carving who will be moving to one of the houses close by. These will hopefully be some of the guardians of the block long after the sculptor has left the High Wood landscape; part of a new community and contributors in the cultural heritage we are creating here for posterity.

Next carving Wednesday 19th, SUNDAY 23rd!

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