Day 38, 39 – recuperation

I have moved down a chisel size to take pressure off my left elbow and am wearing a tight clasp on that fore-arm; these seem to be permitting a solid day’s work (the daily bucket is still being taken away with an acceptable haul) but I am in many ways grateful for the sudden prompt of how lucky I’ve been in getting this far.

It has been quiet. A second ‘break through’ has taken place low down on the stone face nearest the path.


The large figure in conversation with the woodpecker seems to convey the High Wood hill itself, providing linkage to the flora and fauna of the river valley around its base. The tree canopies have a suggestion of old, sentinel heads within them – wise oaks. This picture shows the upper middle block starting to develop a face in profile:dav

New visitors are finding elephant, bison and dinosaur forms in the upper block. These have no linkage to our site but show that the stone is making people look – and what we all see is largely a function of what we want to find. A ‘birder’ quickly found the perching owl form and told me about the nesting barn owls on Old Wickhurst Lane – another serendipitous moment for me in corroborating why certain forms have come into existence.

I’m still perplexed, though, about the big raspberry-like sphere on the corner as you first approach the stone. It does not convey the tree foliage as I thought it might, but yet I warm to its ball-like qualities as a contrast to other forms. You may see a linkage.

As we approach the final third of the carving, here are two headings which can expand from this point onward. Send your thoughts – or vocalise when you see me – to add.

Name thoughts: (a bit early yet)

A developing summary for the stone:
something about embracing/interconnection; humanity; microcosm – the block symbolising the trees, birds and animals of  High Wood/River Arun with remnants of our historic occupation

Next carving Weds 26th: 10-4, Saturday 29th: 9-1 ONLY!

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