Day 40 – shadows

To see someone else’s photographs often gives a jolt one doesn’t see with one’s own.

A slightly different viewed angle; or in this case the shadows that Scooter Scout identified – cast profiles on the ground.

One of the developing branches had a pocket beneath which felt like it would suit some bat forms; the images he sent to me after this session will help in developing these – and also the wing forms of the owl form at the top of the sculpture. These smaller, supporting forms are ‘ways in’ to seeing the larger sculpture and to me, not disruptive to the overall form. Indeed, in a cool, minimalist world, this sculpture is unashamedly maximalist.

Two-thirds of the work are completed now so don’t leave your visits too far off if you want to contribute to the forms.  A mid-September finish is anticipated.

Next carving Sat 29th (MORNING ONLY), then Thurs 4th, Sat 6th (10-4)

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