Day 41 – heart of the community

I arrived to find the route to the Village’s square (and the stone’s final resting place) is now open – a new community beyond the Arun waiting for its inhabitants. I was also honoured to have the first of these pioneer dwellers coming to visit me this morning.

A super-hot Saturday morning led me to keep in the stone’s shadow, working on the “water surface” at the base and considering forms which might accentuate viewer’s recognition there. These are “ways in” to seeing and making a relationship with the sculpture in your own eyes.

The progress of the stone is being well documented by photographers and video artists for posterity. Another nice piece here:

Another visit too by one of our regular younger carvers, dressed for going out but anxious to find out what had happened since his last mallet and chisel session.

The stone will be fresh cultural heritage at the heart of a new community and is one vector for making common ties with those within, those on the other side of the river, those from wider Horsham, and those tourists who will pay homage to a stone once carved next to the upper Arun in West Sussex.

Next carving: Thurs 4th, Sat 6th (10-4)

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