Day 42, 43 – oracle

On Thursday, a special visitor who grew up in Horsham arrived direct from Gatwick Airport to see and work on the stone. She had twice carved in Tout Quarry at Portland and so familiarised herself with the same limestone.

Brutal heat on both days, with Saturday revealing a few more visitor thoughts on the stone’s forms, one seeing an evolution of civilisation. (I hope he will comment more here) Later, a new young carver walked around, pronouncing:





which made me realise that the odd spherical form in view of the road was indeed probably influenced by my last 10 carving sessions, returning home tired and eating same to abandon from the best raspberry season for years.

The question now is whether that form should stay. Its forms balance where it is, and my gut feel is that the sculptor’s role in ‘place’ is also quite important. It also lends a memory to the start of summer when the forms have largely set.

You all imprint what you want to see on the stone. And the value of such an ambiguous form is that it can be oracle-like, revealing new things on each visit.

What thoughts?

Next carving: Weds 10th (from 1pm this day), Sunday 14th, Weds 17th, Sat 20th, Tues 23rd, Sat 27th

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