Day 44, 45 – so do you know what it is yet?

This is the general question raised by people who don’t actually come down to the stone. And that leads the sculptor to talk in non-sculptural language:

oh, we have a few trees and much bird-life linking to past and present, and an over-arching embracing figure which might be a metaphor for the High Wood itself, with its feet in the River Arun below…

which all tends to sound quite bland. In practice, the stone will be read differently by every viewer, depending on their sensitivity to knowing the sense of place and the process the stone has been through – with you. It is an artistic response, not an interpretation panel.

2019-07-14 11.04.462019-07-14 14.00.022019-07-14 14.56.572019-07-14 15.36.46

Locking imagery into the obvious is quite limiting for the interest of the sculpture. The unseen can be given form and the unknown can be gradually discovered. That said, a Heron form is emerging (under our leaping hare/branch) as we finish 3/4 of the sessions.

Next carving:

JULY: Weds 17th, Sat 20th, Tues 23rd, Sat 27th,

AUG: Thurs 1st, Sunday 4th, Thurs 8th, Sunday 11th, Bank Holiday Monday 26th

We will finish during mid September, so don’t miss out on contributing to the stone before then. You need to make the time.

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