Day 48 – mewing

2019-07-23 13.15.4330 degrees in the shade. Continuing to make progress into the end of the stone where much removal is required. Taking a break to ‘find’ another bird head at the very top, I added a hooked beak and within 5 minutes I had a pair of raptors mewing overhead. I’m pretty sure it was a coincidence…2019-07-23 13.14.37

I’ve started chalking bits that need attention, if I cannot be bothered to address them immediately. 12 days left now and it is not just these ‘improvements’ in form that need attention – there is major resolving of several areas still to do.

Next carving:

Sat 27th July, Thurs 1st August, Sunday 4th, Thurs 8th, Sunday 11th, Bank Holiday Monday 26th

We will finish during mid September, so don’t miss out on contributing to the stone before then.

2 thoughts on “Day 48 – mewing

  1. No Coincidence! you have resident buzzards and a kestrel whose territory includes your sculpture and Also the emergence of Red Kite or Kites Gliding over the A24 not to mention swallows and Swifts over at the sewage Treatment plant.Look at the balconies At the retirement home adjacent and see the homage to The importance of birds and wildlife .. totems!


    • whilst the forms will be quite abstract, this stone on the top corner is getting a forked tail! I presume the Buzzard pair are in High Wood perhaps, and I do see the kestrel regularly -but it’s the kite which is most evocative for me and are a little bit like the sculpture itself – a newcomer. I’m still trying to research past Nightingale presence in Horsham if you have any leads to records… bw Jon


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