Day 49 – blackberry summer

Blackberries growing next to rivers and streams always seem enormous. And I had my first fill, 10 metres from our stone. A bit tart – but it’s still July. Our contrasting, talk-worthy form now has another serendipitous link into the stone’s story.

Several old friends of the stone passing by, and one new carver from ‘over the road’, with a very patient dog. More good work done after the showers of the morning passed. Some memories of early in the stone’s progress, of those who participated who are now less able to be involved.

2019-07-27 11.13.402019-07-27 13.55.56

Next carving:

Thurs 1st August, Sunday 4th, Thurs 8th (till 3), Sunday 11th, Bank Holiday Monday 26th

We will finish during mid September, so don’t miss out on contributing to the stone before then.

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