Day 50 – countdown

2019-08-01 15.22.0510 working days to go now! Several new young cycling carvers today visiting from Barns Green as well as a passing European sculptor. Lots appreciative of the emergent approach for our stone.

Jaded after a trip away squeezed in between sessions, I had been thinking of the stone and our ‘birdman’, gathering the avian fauna of our river and hill. Whilst away, I’d heard of the re-introduction of the White-tailed Sea Eagle – with its 8 foot wingspan – into the Solent area. It somehow seemed connected with the energies emanating at Highwood.

2019-08-01 12.08.552019-08-01 12.13.162019-08-01 11.18.59

Next carving:

Sunday 4th, Thurs 8th (till 2.45), Sunday 11th, Bank Holiday Monday 26th

We will finish during mid September, so don’t miss out on contributing to the stone before then.

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