Day 52 – unselfconscious

A short working day today but blessed with apprentices old and new. Those who know the ropes now are almost proprietorial with the stone and tools, sometimes belying their years.

Confidence in the imagery, being able to talk about seeing alligators or crows in a bit of rock – or how the owl form is a bit like a sloth – with serious intent, brings us all back to the unselfconscious times of childhood. I noticed it today in my own peer group – those who enthuse about their work or interests. I noticed it in children eager to participate and learn, and I noticed it in elders reminiscing about their past. Picasso expounded that every child is an artist. The problem was how to remain an artist once we grow up.

We talked today about cake sculpture, birds’ bill shapes, how a heron can’t look alive unless it is vertically balanced… and the principle of sharpening things with something harder than the object, demonstrated by parts of the rock/paper/scissors game.

8 days left. A day at the nearside end. A day on the heron. A day on the top, as I note that there are some apartments overlooking the new square which will change the viewing angles. And still some areas to resolve…

A few links to my earlier sculptures around Sussex. On the South Downs here. At Pulborough Brooks RSPB reserve, on the main route down into the carpark, still in a temporary location. In Lewes Grange Gardens here. Also one in the Surrey Hills at Hindhead here.

Next carving:

Sunday 11th, Bank Holiday Monday 26th (all 10-4), Sat 31st, Weds 4th Sept

We will finish during mid September, so don’t miss out on contributing to the stone before then.

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