Day 53 – ladder work

A windy day for resolving some of the forms on the upper face, which can’t be seen by the passing visitor but will be evident from upper stories of some of the Highwood Village residences around the square.

One new visitor today thought the figure’s form in our stone reminded him of the British Library Eduardo Paolozzi 1995 sculpture of Isaac Newton. The bronze has a characteristic bent over figure, and was probably originally made in clay.6a00d8341c464853ef01b7c826328e970b

More new carvers today apprenticing on the heron and on the remaining block between the cow and the tree, which is shrinking rapidly and yielding the necessary shade at the base, between the two forms. This end needs to be simpler and more peaceful to contrast with the busier aspects elsewhere. Maximalist not minimalist.

2019-08-11 15.40.052019-08-11 15.44.00

Next carving on Bank Holiday Monday August 26th (10-4), after a break for my West Dean Sculpture Summer School and then a trip to Cornwall (which is rich in volcanic geology and has some interesting (hard) carving stones as well St Ives being the long time home of sculptor Barbara Hepworth. Her curated house, garden and studio there is well worth visiting).

If you pass by Highwood to view, DO send thoughts on what some of the more ambiguous forms suggest to you, as these all help with final stages of resolving.

2019-08-11 16.09.13

washed down with remains of my water bottle, to clear stone dust and sharpen the forms up

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