Day 54 – painting

Lots of visitors and a few carvers today, some who had not been since the earliest sessions. The meadow beyond is looking fabulous with thistledown starting to lift.

The shadows are gradually increasing in the lower parts – but you can see today that the light still bleaches all the lower form in the wide angle view above. Good thoughts from a painter on one of the ‘hands’ of the large figure; presently still marooned in the composition and needing to flow more. Likewise for the bottom edge of the cow’s head. To add a front hoof or keep the composition simple? Try removing material till it appears, and keep on removing material if it doesn’t work.

I’ve mentioned before that I think improvisational sculpture is very similar to painting. But we sculptors can’t replace the medium and try again…

Next carving Sat 31st, Weds 4th Sept, Sat 7th, all 10-4

Please spread the work – perhaps forward the email blog post – as the stone has very few sessions left now!

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