Day 57: crowd

From Spring to Autumn 2019, the stone has responded to the past and present of High Wood’s riverine landscape. The overarching figure might indeed represent the Highwood communities spanning the Arun, embracing the surrounding trees, animals and birds – and the mill water flow.

The amount of material removed is decreasing. Today’s assembled masses started to search for small areas of improvement; cleaning up sculptural planes and their junctions. These are hard won, often deep in the block… and create a lot of dust. We will need the water hose in the last session to start to clean the stone down to finally test the forms.

The richness of the artistic community present today – photographers, artists, and sculptors – will be something not to be forgotten for all involved. We talked about potential sculpture names. Send in your own thoughts.

Remember you only have two work days left now to add your last marks.

Last sessions: THURS 12th, Sat 14th (10-4)

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