Day 58 – hose and beetle

Saturday will be our last day and people are emailing to book slots! A powerful hose will be on demand all day so we can clear the stone dust from any of the final working areas.

Today, after an early visitor left to drive home to Yorkshire, I washed the sculpture down and some prominent rows of tool marks become evident under the dust – where adjustments haven’t blended in to the surrounding stone.

As the hose was turned off, I noticed a small beetle crawling up the oak base onto the bottom of the stone. As I left to inspect the plinth samples in the construction site compound, it had climbed to the highest point of the sculpture, on the owl’s head.

On Saturday we will be doing more looking and considering than carving, finding where those small but necessary adjustments are needed before we lay tools to rest. We have done remarkable things at Highwood.

Final carving – 10-4 Saturday 14th September


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