Day 60 – the move and an invite

_DSC2612cropToday, the 100 tonne crane arrived to move the sculpture from the banks of the Arun to the Square which will become the heart of Highwood Village. On Wednesday 23th (note revision) October at 6pm, Berkeley Homes invites you to celebrate the unveiling of the sculpture in the Landmark Square at Highwood Village. Complimentary refreshments will be served. TO HELP US PICK A NAME FOR THE SCULPTURE send your ideas to as soon as possible! The name will be announced on the night.

These cameraphone clips below (click on the title in the email to access the website) document the move today:

2 thoughts on “Day 60 – the move and an invite

  1. I’d like to suggest ‘Birdman’ as a name for the sculpture – the figure is very prominent and I counted three birds, and a nest…have I missed one?
    Anne Purkiss


  2. Well done everyone who had input into this epic piece, and well done to you Jon. It looks amazing! Hope you have a great unveiling evening. Sorry I can’t be there.


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