sculpture trail

Horsham has sculpture that is worth hunting out to compare different types of work. Some are representational, some are abstract, some are architectural or have a practical purpose. Send a note if you think something justifies listing here, and do add comments to widen the consideration of the art form. What do you like and why?

contemporary work

Mare and Foal, Highwood (2011) – Marcus Cornish here

Earles Meadow marker stone by Chris Elsey here

Horsham Heritage Sundial here

Dragon (2000) Hannah Holmes – Horsham Park here

Wickhurst Green sculpture/land art here

Donkey Cart, Piries Place here

Johnson Press sculpture (1994) Carfax here

2014 blog post on some others here

historic work

Edward Bainbridge Copnall Coal Christ – was at Broadbridge Heath and now at Horsham Museum here

Copnall’s The Astronomer at Collyer’s School here

work now removed

Cosmic Universe by Angela Conner here

The Public Sculptures of Sussex listing is here