Fluvius is a new sculpture created through 2019 at Highwood Village, Horsham.

2015-07-23 16.21.56In Summer 2016 Berkeley Homes invited sculptor Jon Edgar to create a large sculpture for the forthcoming Highwood Village phase, just south of the existing development. These were some of the important points put forward at the time:

The process will contrast traditional sculpture for which a design is agreed and then after being made it appears on site.

Our process will be an enlightened one linking to PEOPLE and PLACE; uniting sculptor and material on site through the seasons.

It will provide not just a sculpture, but a rich programme of engagement, reaching out to the existing dwellers, potential new owners, and new residents who are just moving in.

A 10 tonne block of limestone will be delivered when the new Sales Suite and the first new homes of Highwood South start to be occupied.

Reaching out to local people, work may progress one day a week on Saturdays or Sundays or at times when there are people around.

A simple working process using mallet and chisel means all can try them and learn basic sculpting skills, safely.

A common response is “ooh – its very calming, isn’t it? I’d like to do more of this…”

The sculpture MUST link to and celebrate PLACE, but that will emerge gradually through the process. It will not be pre-planned.

“I steer a course to ensure this in MY uncompromised new work – but it is also in the ownership of everybody involved – it becomes YOUR stone too”

Spread the word about an exciting new sculpture for Highwood Village and Horsham.

The sculptor’s journal will photograph each session and record the themes emerging day by day; it will also consider other matters sculptural concerning Horsham and district.

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