Day 51 – Battenburg

2019-08-04 15.16.19Today some new carvers and established visitors, with one from New Zealand keen to be part of the stone’s progress… but had to leave as tea time beckoned.

The blackberries were enormous and starting to get sweet.

The stone now has – with the exception of some of the top – a completely carved surface, with all remains of the quarry markings now gone.

The ‘bird in nest’ in the images above was deemed a bit weak and has been carved out, leaving a nest with eggs and a good deal more space around birdman‘s chin.

The final sessions will concentrate on such simplification, removing the weakest forms, creating more shade and space to complement the stronger forms. Some areas of the stone have shrugged me off already, indicating they are either passing muster… or lower down the pecking order for what needs doing.

Next carving:

Thurs 8th (till 2.45), Sunday 11th, Bank Holiday Monday 26th (all 10-4)

We will finish during mid September, so don’t miss out on contributing to the stone before then.



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